❤️ Sara ❤️

Sweet Sara passed away March 1. It’s still unreal to me that she’s gone. I know she’s in heaven and not feeling any pain anymore. I know she is watching us and I’m excited to see her again someday.

March 1 I got a call from Lori saying that Sara was on her way to the hospital. I didn’t understand how serious it was until a bit later when Jan called me and said that they were going to remove the breathing tube and we needed to get up there. I drove to the hospital in complete shock. We have just been with her two days before.

we got together to days before to celebrate Mike’s birthday. I feel blessed that we were able to spend time with her on her last time seeing her. We talked for quite a while about nothing in particular or that she was smiling and happy despite being so sick.  I told her that day that I was sorry that she had been so sick and that we loved her. I asked her, I said, you know we love you right? And she said yes. When it was time to leave, she was very insistent on giving each of the kids a hug. She wanted to go up the stairs to give them a hug and I told her no, they will come down to you. She was very worried about giving all the kids a hug. She loved my kids so much and they adored her. All three of them still talk about her often.

We spent all day at the hospital March 1 saying our goodbyes and watching her slip away. It was for sure the hardest day of our lives.

I have so many good memories with Sara. She was the kindest, purest person I’ve ever known. I miss her. I dream about her often. I know I’ll see her again.


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