I love the neighborhood we live in.  We have so many kids on our circle, and I’ve made great friends.  Here are the girls out with some of the neighbor kids jumping on the trampoline.

princess lagoon

At Lagoon, Jossy and I were getting off of the Terror Ride and she saw this princess.  She yells “Oh my gosh!” and excitedly jumped off the ride to go see her.  It was the cutest thing ever.  Grant said he didn’t want his picture with a princess lol!


Avery is completely smitten with her cousin Nathan.  He is so sweet with her and I think sincerely enjoys playing with her.


My sister Savannah and I took our kids to Pineview to enjoy the sun and water.  They made this big tub.  Savannah was pretty into making it lol!

lake with friends

We also went up to Pineview with a bunch of friends one afternoon this summer.  I’m taking my kids a lot more next year, they loved playing in the sand and water.

lake jossy

Jocelyn’s little body in a swimsuit just kills me!


We spent all summer at Lagoon.  It was well worth getting passes.  We have loved going at night especially when Mike gets off work.

lagoon water

The kids always beg to run through the fountains after we have had a long hot day at Lagoon.

lagoon grant

Most handsome boy in the world on the Ferris Wheel.

jossy sick

I think Jossy swallowed some lake water and had the pukes REALLY bad last week.  Poor thing was miserable.

jossy kaden

We enjoyed going to Trevor’s farewell and listening to him speak.  Kaden and Jossy liked looking at iphones.

grant kindergarten

Grant started Kindergarten and I’m still too emotional to talk about it lol!

grant kindergarten 2 - Copy

But I will say that he loves it!

face paint

Our stake held a fair this summer and it was really fun.  The kids loved getting their faces painted.

face paint avery

She’s just too beautiful.

avery - Copy

Avery danced with the D’Ettes last week at a football game and she did great!

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