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You will be turning 5 next month.  We were up in Park City last weekend and drove by the hospital where you were born and I felt like we were just there yesterday meeting you for the first time and falling in love with you.

You are always making silly faces in pictures.  You have a great sense of humor.

with mike

friends 2

You are constantly hugging and kissing me.  I love it.  You are so sweet and kind to everyone around you… except your siblings sometimes.  Everyone wants to be your friend and be around you.  You love to sing, and have such a pretty voice.  You love animals, and you love pretending you are a cat or dog with your siblings.  “Hey Jossy, let’s play kitty cats!”  You have a great imagination, and kids love playing with you because of it.

avery friend

You look so much like your birth mother.  We had a great visit with her recently.  She loves you so much.

avery bre

You are fairly obsessed with your cousin Nathan right now.  It’s adorable.  But you also love all of your cousins.  Liam boy is fairly obsessed with you.

avery cousins 2

You start soccer again in a couple weeks and dance too.  You have started liking dance more and more and you really enjoy tumbling.  You love riding your scooter “supa fast” but are hesitant to ride your bike without training wheels like your brother does.

avery soccer

You can beat anyone in a game of “memory”.  You’re so smart and are starting to tell me things you remember.  It’s amazing the things you remember from years ago.  Places we have been, people we have met, things we have done.  I love that you are able to speak so clearly with me and with others now.  My favorite things you say lately are “NEVAH!”(never), “Forevah” (forever) and “Shour” (sure).

View More: http://whitedandelionphotography.pass.us/kira


I love everything about you.  You’re my buddy, and I’m so happy I get to be your mommy.

View More: http://whitedandelionphotography.pass.us/kira


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