Grant, you are almost 6 years old.  You start Kindergarten in 3 weeks.  I just can’t believe it.  My favorite things about you lately are:

*You are HILARIOUS!  Everything you say is gold.  You keep me laughing all day.

grant 4

*You are so smart.  You are reading already, and it is crazy.  You are also starting to add.

grant 5

*You love monkey bars, which landed you with a broken wrist.  But you’re just so determined.

20150717_102800 20150717_111746

*In your mind, you are the strongest boy in the whole world.  I love your confidence.

grant 3

*You are so innocent and don’t care what anyone thinks of you still.  I’m scared that this attribute will fade away in the next couple years.  You’re so care free.


I love everything about you.

grant 6 grant 7 grant 8 grant2 IMG_20150427_201714

You are so handsome:

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