Recent Picture of My Loves

Recent Picture of My Loves

This was my favorite summer I’ve had in a long time.  We kept so active and all the kids were finally at an age where we could get out and do activities.  No nursing, chasing two 2 year olds, and only one in diapers.  Next summer should be even better!  We had Cherry Hill passes and went at least once or twice a week.  We went to baseball games, festivals, the fair, camping with Flints, on a family trip to The Homestead, soccer games, the Alpine Slide twice, womens football clinic, In N Out 7 peaks party with my brother, the lake, and the park with friends.


2014 aug 2014 aug4 2014 aug5 2014 aug6 2014 aug7

camping football in n out parade

Bees game cherry hill jossy cherry hill homestead jossy fair kids summer

September was a fun month.  Hubby and I went to California and saw my family down there.  We went to the beach and relaxed.  I’m thankful for family who watched the kids while we were gone.  Lady turned 4 and we had a little party in the day with her friends which was a blast!  Then we took her to Boondocks that night as a family.  I can’t believe she is 4.  It freaks me out.  My birthday was later that month and Hubby made is really special.  Such a relaxing day and I ate so much food, that whole week actually.  Still trying to recover from it lol.

avery four avery party 2 avery party1 beach california della friends lunch kellie temple

Fall is here and I’m happy because it’s my favorite season.  We’ve gone to the pumpkin patch and “Scary Hill” for family night which ended up being one of the funnest things we’ve done together as a family.  It was a blast!

Pumpkin Patch scary hill

Conference was great, and I got to hear a little of it.  Since then, I’ve been reading one conference talk a day to try to catch up on them.

It’s the annual girls weekend trip this weekend and I’m so excited I can hardly stand it!  We’re going to a friend’s cabin, out to eat, a movie and pedicures.  And lots of sleeping.  Oh sleep.  I’ve missed you.

There’s my rare update.


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