14 march twins

14 march

March was a great month.  The weather was amazing on so many days.  We went to the park every single one of those nice days.  It felt like heaven being able to play outside again after so many months inside.  We even got a little sunburned… in March!  I have to chase J around a little on the playground, but Mischief and Lady play so well together and with friends at parks.  I feel so lucky to live in a place where I have friends and family close by so it is never hard to find someone to join us on a park day.


The kids loved St Patricks Day.  We made a trap, and Mischief said to me, “I think we should leave him a message.” So I got a paper and marker and waited while he thought about what to say.  Finally, he decided on “Mischief and Lady are so nice to leprechauns”  On his way to bed he told me, “I’m so excited to catch a leprechaun!  He can sleep in my bed!”  I was so worried they would be sad in the morning, but they were thrilled to find Lucky Charms in the trap, and that the milk magically turned green!  Holidays are way more fun with kids we have found!

I went to St George for a dance competition the end of March.  I love teaching these 5 & 6 year olds.  They are the cutest.  They did really well on their jazz and lyrical routines.  It was fun to get to know the kids parents better, as well as the other teachers better.  These competitions are so long, it made me appreciate my parents even more.  They sat through so many of those while I was growing up!  By Saturday night around 7 we were all a little loopy and were laughing at everything.  So fun.  I also went on a lengthy walk while I was there… on accident.  Anyone who knows this story is laughing right now I’m sure.  I enjoyed having dinner with my sister in law Jan and her darling baby K one night, and had an awesome room at the local Motel 6.  Good times.

14 march pizazz

Speaking of dance, Lady got her dance pictures taken this past month and its the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.  See:

14 march dance

I told you.

I love that Lady loves to dance.  It’s fun to watch her learn new things and make friends in her class.  We’ve found that she is also very good at soccer, and will sign her up in the fall.  Mischief is excited for Spring soccer.  I love being dance and soccer mom in my minivan, lol, livin the life I always wanted to!

The very end of February was this guy’s birthday:

2012 Family Picture Kira and Mike

I’m so thankful for Hubby and all he does for me and our family.  He works so hard to provide for us, is great with the kids, and is supportive of me and my work and dreams.  We celebrated his big 30th birthday by going to Rodizio Grill for dinner and watching a movie at home.  Thankful for his mom for watching the kids that night.  In March he was also given a raise at his job.  This was a big deal because he wasn’t supposed to get one this year, as he was given a promotion last year, so the promotion was considered an early raise for this year.  If that makes sense.  But his boss has been so impressed with how well he is doing in his new leadership position that he thought it was only fair to award him a raise.  I’m proud of him.  Can’t believe he proposed to me 8 years ago next month.  Time has flown by.


Baby J had another seizure last week, but overall has been doing better.  She still passes out here and there, but not near as much as before.  She is finally sleeping better.  She wakes up once or twice in the night, which I’m totally happy with.  So much better than the 5 times she was waking up for a few months before.  She is running around and wants to do everything her siblings do.  She loves to dance, especially to “Let it Go”.  Surprised?  I think every girl loves that song.  Lady does too, but J is especially obsessed with it.  She dances with her left foot on releve.  always her left.  It is hilarious.  She also tries to do some tumbling tricks which is adorable.  She has such a personality.  She isn’t talking much yet, but she is so smart.  She knows everything we say to her.  “Go get your bottle” “Put this in the trash” “You look so cute in your dress” (She touches her dress and twirls, it’s too cute).  She gives big open mouthed kisses and we are all just so in love with her.  I’rd, m trying to soak up every minute of her babyness (sure it’s a word, right?) because she is most likely our last baby.  Although I do have 6 friends and 1 sister in law all due August – November so we’ll see if that makes me baby hungry, or just relieved to be done!

Lady is doing so well in preschool.  Her speech has come a long way.  It’s fun to see more of her personality now that she can vocalize things.  She is so funny and gets along so well with other kids.  But not so well with her brother still, depending on the day.  She is so protective of J.  She plays with her all day.  I don’t have to worry if J is with Lady.  Lady makes sure that she is safe.  Takes things out of her hands if she thinks it is too small for her, holds her hand going up stairs, chases her around the house and tickles her, and just gives her loves.  She is also very close with her cousin, baby L.  Baby L is obsessed with Lady.  They play really well together.  Lady is a little mother.  Her favorite colors are purple and pink, her favorite food is mac and cheese, favorite movie is Curious George, and her favorite thing to say these days is, “My mommy!” and “Jossy Girl!” oh and of course “ME TOO!!!!” (sounds more like, “Me Shoe”)

Mischief is his same silly, hilarious self.  He is also doing great in school.  He knows his ABC’s, how to count to 20, shapes and how to write some of his letters now.  He LOVES Miss Rachel and has a lot of friends in his class.  He is a social, fun kid.  He says funny things every day, I really need to be better at writing them down.  His favorite color is blue, favorite food is quesadillas, favorite movie is “Mickey’s Spirit” (Lol, a show on Netflix.  It is just a Halloween special, I don’t know why he calls it this.) and his favorite phrase he says these days is, “Easy Peasy!”

March was a great month, I’m looking forward to April!


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