Kids say the darndest things…


She loves the show Despicable Me.  She loves when the little girl sees the unicorn and says “It’s so fluffy I could die!”  So she started calling unicorns “So fluffy I die!”  We were driving in the car in Bountiful and she starts freaking out pointing to the mountains saying, “So fluffy I die!  So fluffy I die!” I couldn’t figure out where she could see a unicorn.  Finally she said, “So fluffy I die…. HOUSE!”  She was referring to the Bountiful temple.  It looked like a unicorn house to her.

She now uses this phrase whenever she is excited for something.  She got a new big girl bed and so she exclaimed “So fluffy I die!” when she saw it.  We bought Mike a pair of running shoes for his birthday.  Lady tells me, “Give to daddy, say Happy Birthday!  He gets it and he’ll say “So fluffy I die!”  Lol!  Hubby knows about the shoes, but hasn’t opened them yet.  I told him when he does open them, he totally has to say so fluffy I die.  Lady will love it!

She is all about Baby J.  She tells her to be “soft” all the time.  And she lays on the floor, pulls J on top of her (with J’s head facing out, looking at the ceiling too) and then rocks her back and forth while saying in a sing song voice “Hugga my Beeeeebbeeeee”

“TORTILLAS!”  While shaking her bum

“I love you SOOOOO much!”  Melts me every time.

Lady has some speech delays.  She is making such great progress!  She can now say her name (this is huge!) and is finally pronouncing words that she uses all the time correctly like milk and blanket.  She can say whole sentences now, it’s amazing!  I’ve always loved her personality, but now that she can vocalize her thoughts, it’s even more fun.


“Mom, Lady (but says her name) is the best sister I’ve never had!”

“Oh my gosh, that is disgusting!”

“I pooped two times last morning.  Can you believe that mom?  Two times!”  Why thank you Mischief for the info on your bowel movements.  And everything happened “last morning”

“Miss Rachel, my mom freaks out at Walmart because they don’t have anything she needs!”  It’s true.

We were telling each other our dreams.  I told him how I had a dream that I was in a fancy restaurant.  Every time they would bring me my food, they would take it away again before I could eat it.  He says as seriously as he could “Well you know mom, when you go eat at a fancy place like…. Famous Dave’s, they take away your food when you’re done and throw it away.”

“Grandma!  Why don’t you want to just come hang out with us for a while?!”

I got upset with Lady for being naughty.  Mischief chimes in, “But mom, she’s my best friend!”

“Mommy, I want you to put me to bed because you’re my valentine.”


Baby J is saying “mamama” and I love it!  She also dances whenever she hears music.  She is literally running everywhere she goes.




One thought on “Kids say the darndest things…

  1. Kiks– the tortillas and shaking the bum and the fancy Famous Daves! I’m dying its too funny! And you’re so pretty!

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