Some recent pictures

J watching daddy shovel the snow out our back window.Jan 21

Lady is the silliest girl.  She loves crossing her eyes lately.  Especially if she is in trouble.  She knows it makes me laugh and that it is harder to be upset with her if she pulls this face off.  Her hair is getting so long and light.  I love it!  Love her!jan 21a


I started watching Rachel’s adorable baby L while Mischief is upstairs in her preschool.  He is such a good baby and adorable!jan 21b


J at the hospital after her last seizure.  She held her breath while I was getting her in this darling outfit from Rachel.jan 21c


Lady is seriously the best big sister ever.  She loves playing with J and takes such good care of her.  It is fun to see her little maternal instincts kicking in at such a young age.  J loves her and gets so excited whenever Lady is around.  jan 21f


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