I went to Arizona the week after Christmas to go to my cousin Scott’s wedding.  I didn’t think I would be able to afford to go, but I found a great deal through Allegiant so I drove down with my parents and flew back.  The car ride with J was not so fun, but it was a good time just hanging out with my parents.  We drove half way on Dec 31, so that night we went out for sushi for New Years Eve and went to bed at 10:00!  This is my second year in a row not staying up til midnight.  Last year I was so pregnant and tired I remember rolling my enormous body into bed around 9:30.  The kids and Hubby had so much fun at my uncle and aunt’s house.  They ate a ton, played games and even stayed up til midnight and did fireworks.  I’m jealous I missed out on such a fun night with them.

Scotty married Brimley on Thursday, Jan 2.  I was bummed to miss the sealing, but J was puking all morning and I didn’t want to leave her with someone outside of the temple.  But the dinner the night before was so fun, and the reception was beautiful.  I’m so glad I was able to go and see my little Scotty get married.  Brimley is great, I’m so happy they found each other and seem so happy.

I stayed until Monday with my cousin Kellie.  It was such a fun weekend just relaxing, hiking, seeing where she works and everything.  I miss living near Kellie, so it was so fun to see her for a few days.

jan 21d jan 21e


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