Another Update

I’m so sad that I never blog anymore.  I don’t think there are too many people who read this, but I love looking back and seeing what my life was like a year ago, 2 years ago, 3, 4, 5, 6.  I feel bad about not updating often, but probably not bad enough to do anything about it.  My life is incredibly busy.  When Lady was born, I had so many people ask, “Is it so hard having 2 so close in age?” (10 1/2 months apart).  I always said, “No, it’s not too hard at all.” And that was the truth.  Mischief wasn’t even walking yet when Lady was born.  He was a great sleeper, they both took 2 naps a day for a while, then switched to two.  They didn’t make messes, and were happy to just hang out at home.  Well, these days having two so close in age, with a baby running (literally, she is running at this point) around is insane.  They fight like crazy, I can’t shower alone, someone is always hurt, there is an endless amount of toys, dishes, food, clothes and crumbs to clean up and to top it all off, they don’t nap anymore.  They don’t nap, and J is up 3 times in the night and I won’t let her cry it out because I’m afraid she will pass out and have a seizure.  I’m so exhausted.  But there is for sure more good than bad.  I get at least 47 kisses every day from these beautiful little people.  We snuggle, we play “memory”, we play “good manners, bad manners”, we watch movies, we go to the library, we go to preschool, we go to dance class, we dance, we use our imaginations, we color, we take baths, we play with friends, we bake, and we laugh so often.  I know all mothers probably feel this way, but MY kids are extra special. 🙂  They are the best and I’m the luckiest mom in the world.  Being a mom is by far the most challenging job I will ever have.  I use to think I was a patient person, bwahahahaha!  I’m apparently not.   While it is the most challenging job I’ve ever had, it is by far the most fun and rewarding.  Here are a few great things Mischief has said recently:

*Me: “Do you know why we celebrate Christmas?”

Mischief: “Why?”

Me: “Because it is when Jesus was born.”
Mischief: “Oh.  Bummer.”

*Mischief: “Mom, I had a dream last night that Mrs. Claus was in my bed!”

*”Mom, can we watch Bumanji?”

*”I need to go to work.  I’m going to count my tithing, it is hard work.  I’ll be home later.”‘

“Mom, are you sitting on a bunch of cash?”  He got this from a commercial.

I was in a dance performance recently.  As I was waiting to come on stage and for the music to start, I heard him yell, “Go Mommy!”

I love him.

Some recent pictures:

My sister’s husband Colton with J and L.  L is just the cutest little baby boy!  I love everything about him!

dec 15

This is me as a baby.  I can’t believe how much J looks like me.  She is just a lighter version.

dec 15a

I was not a fan of the costume, but had a good time performing at the recital.

dec 15b

My best friend Rachel had her baby on Dec 6!  Mei slept over at our house the night before and I got to bring her to the hospital in the morning to meet her new baby brother!  This is her first time seeing him.  It was a really special moment!

dec 15c

J with a super messy face from a cookie:


dec 15d

J holds her breath and passes out at least once a week at this point.  She did it twice on Sunday and once on Monday.  I think that is a record.  I hate when she does this and this picture shows why.  This is her after she starts breathing again.  The picture of her all blue is just too freaky to even share.

dec 15e

J right out of the tub.  I love naked babies!  And you can see a tiny bit of Lady in this picture too lol.

dec 15i

I love Rachel’s new baby “L”!  He is just perfect!  I guess C-section babies usually are, eh?  He looks a lot like his big sister.  He is just so tiny and adorable!  I love him!

dec 15j

Mischief loves “helping” by shoveling the snow.  Here he is with papa:

dec 15k

Mischief loves telling me secrets.  This night his secret was, “SpongeBob Cake”.  I have no idea…

dec 15l

Oh!  And I have a new calling at church!  I’m a sunbeams leader.  I was a little nervous about this calling, but I’m loving it.  Teaching the 3 year olds about Jesus and Heavenly Father is really neat.  They are so cute and say the funniest things.  I love watching my kids in Primary singing and joining in the activities and singing time.  If you are looking at this and are not LDS, go HERE for more info on my beliefs.

Also, I’m going to my cousin Scott’s wedding over New Years!  Just me and J.  Poor Hubby is going to be alone with the crazy toddlers!  I think they’ll have a lot of fun actually.  I’m so excited to get out of this cold and go to Arizona and to see my cousins who I haven’t seen in a long time!


2 thoughts on “Another Update

  1. I’m so glad to hear that someone else has a crazy life with 2 “toddlers”! And I don’t even have a third! I can’t imagine how it can get more crazy:) So sorry to hear about J’s stunts. That must be terrifying! Thanks for the update!

  2. Kelly’s bro Scott? Crazy! Have fun! Also you perfectly described the life of having 3 kids. Man its so hard. The fighting is what gets me the most. I can’t even imagine how you handle J passing out seriously so scary! Oh and my third? She just sleeps in my bed! That way I don’t have to actually think about How. Many. Times. She wants to eat in the night! I love you Kiks!

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