Updates on my Three Littles

Aug 4

aug 4a

aug 4b

aug 4c

aug 4d

aug 4e

aug 4f

Mischief: Oh the nickname Mischief fits you SO well these days. You are so curious and it usually leads to trouble, just like “Curious George”.
You amaze me with how smart you are. You understand so much, and surprise me with your knowledge regularly.
You are HILARIOUS! You have this new walk you do where you stick out your bum and kick your feet while walking. It is so funny.
You have pulled apart my bed skirt to make “fuzzies” that you tickle your ear and nose with. It is ridiculous and so funny!
You love to color with your markers, watch Phineas and Ferb, eat popsicles, go on walks, play with your swords and as much as I hate them… your guns.
You love saying “I’m your bay bay” (baby) to me.
You drive Lady nuts, tease her like crazy and often times smack her. But you’re learning. More than fighting though, you treat her nice. You two are best friends, laughing together all the time, playing “hot water, cold water” in your bedroom and snuggling while watching a show.
You have finally warmed up to baby J and like to call her “Baby Jossly” It melts me.

Lady: You are still just the sweetest girl ever. So aware of other’s feelings, wanting to include everyone, and making friends everywhere you go.
So often we go to a park and you make a bunch of friends who cry and get mad at me for taking you away when its time to go.
Your cousin Allison was playing with you and you were having so much fun until you got a bit tired and grumpy. You were grumpy and mean to Allison. A few minutes later, you ran out of the car to find her. When you did, you hugged her and cried and said, “I’m sorry!” It was adorable.
You love to snuggle and give big kisses right on the lips.
You potty trained yourself. Its been awesome.
You say everything small is “so cute”
You are feisty, a bit spoiled and cry over everything
You shake your hips when I get you dressed in an outfit you especially like
You are so beautiful it amazes me
You are smart, kind and loving

Baby J: You make me so happy.
You have a loud scream you let out when you’re happy or sad.
You immediately stop crying if I hold you, or you hear the catchy, but inappropriate song, “Blurred Lines”
You are a mama’s girl, but think your daddy is so fun and love being around him
You army crawl and also go up on your hands and feet.
You like to crawl around or be held all the time
You have the most amazing blue eyes. I hear how beautiful your eyes are daily from anyone who sees you.
You are TINY
You hate green beans and love sucking on French fries and pretzels
I can’t imagine life without you

Love all 3 of you and wish so much that time would slow down.


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