We close on our house Friday, so unless something happens between now and then, this is the story:

I love my littl house. It has been so perfect for our little family. Love the ward, neighborhood, area, etc. But our little family isn’t so little anymore.
We have been talking about selling our home and finding something bigger eventually. While talking to my parents about it, we threw around the idea of finding a home together with a mother in law apartment for my parents. This would benefit us because they have more equity in their home than we do, and would benefit them because in 10 years they could retire and not have a house payment. This would free up their time and funds to travel and go on a few missions.

So my parents sold their house to my friend Shay. It was so perfect and went smoothly. Our house has been somewhat smooth to sell, other than some problems with a lame appraiser. We close Friday.

My parents are renting back from Shay and Scott through August, and we are doing the same on our house.

While trying to find a home that would work for us, we found that it was hard to find one with EVERYTHING we wanted/needed. We needed a home with a large basement. One with a kitchen, walk-in, laundry, 2 bedrooms, or the ability to put these things in. The upstairs we wanted 4 bedrooms. Nice area, reasonably priced. Basically impossible to find.

We came across a new community of homes being built north of us. It gave me major anxiety to think about building a home, but it just felt right. We can do everything just the way we need to, and for a very affordable price. Perfect.

It should be done by September 1, if not before then. So now we are trying to figure out all the details.

This is our lot. It is a corner lot on the end of a cul-de-sac. I love the location. We have already been to a bbq to meet the neighbors, they seem really nice! The layout of our portion of the home is the main floor has our master bedroom, dining room, family room, kitchen, bathroom and mud room. Upstairs has 4 bedrooms and a bathroom.
The house behind us that is blue is the same as ours will be. So this will be the back of our house, but different color, and stucco, and our 3rd car garage will be set back.
back of blue our lot</a

This is what our home will look like except different color, rock on bottom, stucco and then board on the eves (spelling? I'm an idiot and too lazy to figure it out). Ou 3rd car will be set back. And I really don't like the metal looking things on this house. Watch me be good friends with these people some day and they look at my blog and get offended. Oh well.
front of blue house

We like a color similar to this. Dark gray. Although it looks a little blue in this picture.

This is similar to what our kithen cabinets will look like. And I like the lighter countertops. Although this is beautiful granite, and we’re not doing that upgrade. I figure if I want to spend the money, we can do that later in life and put it in. We are also going to do tile for the floor.

We go to the design center in a week and a half. Stresses me out. I am the worse at this kind of stuff. I wish I was better at knowing what would look good together, how to decorate, etc. Hopefully it turns out nice.

I’m so excited to move and have more room in our home. I’m excited to have my parents SO close. My parents are the best. I mean,how many men do you know who would be 100% cool with having their in-laws live downstairs? They are that awesome. Plus they will have thier own entrance, kitchen, garage, laundry, etc. So I’m sure there will be days where we don’t see each other. Probably as many as we do now, which is one or two days at the most, haha!


5 thoughts on “Moving

  1. Congrats! You’re going to have a beautiful home. I can’t wait to see pictures. I was nervous about decorating too, but my best advice is to watch HGTV, or go online and get ideas from blogs or Pinterest. Our house came out very well decorated/coordinated because of HGTV, honestly! : ) And a friend gave me some good advice. Get your decor “theme” from a piece of artwork or a rug, etc. I found a rug that I fell in love with, and that one rug was my starting point to decorating our house! We honestly bought the rug first and had NO other furniture to start out with! It had aqua, browns and golds and I drew from all those colors for wall color, furniture, etc. I eventually added grey in too. We also renovated our kitchen, and if you have contrast and different textures, it will come out great. You’re off to the right start with dark cabinets and light countertops. Then think about adding a pop or a new color/texture to your backsplash for something fun or bold. Sorry for the super long comment! I got excited : ) I hope I helped a little!

    Ps. I would love to hear what you named your new little miss. She is darling! You can email me privately if you’d like to share. Thanks! : )

  2. That is going to look so good when everything is finished. So excited for you guys and your new adventure. Does this mean that you are going to have a house warming party in September once you get everything decorated? Perfect! We will be there!

  3. Kira oh I love it! Your home is going to be beautiful!! Inside and out, just like you. 🙂 (Okay that was cheesy, but true;) So glad it’s all worked out. And your parents totally rock, love your relationship with them. 🙂

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