I have a few minutes while the toddlers are sleeping in their beds, and baby J is sleeping on my chest, I thought I would update the blog.  Life is good, just hectic.  Baby J is such a snuggly sweet baby.  Poor thing screams every night though around 8 pm and nothing calms her down.  We now have her on Prevacid and I’m off all acidic foods and dairy.  I’m hoping things get better soon.

Other than that, things are good.  I’ve started subbing some dance classes over the last few weeks and it has been so fun.  I’m trying to find time to workout, but its been harder to find time than I thought lately.  This may just be the time and season of my life to have a few extra pounds hangin around on me.  I can fit into some of my old pants again, which is nice.

Here are some pictures of the kiddos:

J has such a strong neck!  This was a couple weeks ago.  Her face cracks me up:

march 25f

I love putting J in clothes that Lady wore as a baby.  Here is a comparison of the two.  It cracks me up that Lady looks more like me than J does.  J looks so much like Hubby!  But she has my blue eyes, and my hands.

march 25b

Lady’s birthmother gave her this darling hat.  She loves it!  I think she looks so cute in it:

march 25g

Speaking of her blue eyes, I got a great shot of them in this picture.  We have had some warmer days lately, so we were able to take her on a walk.  She loves the stroller!  Which is great since she hates the swing, car seat, bouncer, crib, binky, and being swaddled.

March 25e

Love her:

march 25d

We finally got Lady approved for speech therapy!  I’m so excited to get her started.  She understands everything, but has such a hard time verbalizing what she wants or what she feels.  She has the sweetest voice, I’m excited to hear her say more.

march 25c

We finally ventured out to church yesterday.  We hadn’t taken the kids since December because we didn’t want them to get sick with a new baby in the house, and we wanted to keep Mischief out of the E.R. this winter.  Mischief did great in Sunbeams, and Lady was a social butterfly in nursery.  How cute are they in their Sunday best?:

March 25

Mischief starts soccer in April.  We picked up his uniform on Friday, and he won’t take it off.  He is so dang cute in it running around saying “I’m a soccer guy!”  I love having two girls, but thank goodness I also get to experience life with a boy as cute as him:

march 25a

Spiritual: I’m trying to finish up reading all the conference talks from last October before the next general conference in 2 weeks.  I have 9 left.  I have loved reading these talks.  This one is great: Elder Dallin H. Oaks: “Protect the Children”

Physical: The last work out I did was last week.  I did this work out with my friend Brooke.  My legs were sore for days after, which was awesome!


3 thoughts on “Lately

  1. Yeah for an update! I’m so glad your kids did so well in church after such a long absence! I can’t believe Mischief is old enough to play soccer and be a Sunbeam. He really is so stinking cute. And speaking of Lady looking more like you than J, I have a funny story.There is a girl (we’ll call her Sally) in my CTR 7 class who brought her visiting cousin to Primary with her this last Sunday. I am not joking or exaggerating when I say they could have been twins. i actually thought for a minute that Sally got a haircut because I happened to see her cousin first. I mentioned to Sally’s mom how cute they were together and how I thought the girls looked so similar. Her mom said, “The funny thing is, Sally is adopted! It’s so fun how she looks like the rest of the family.” I couldn’t believe it! Ha ha! Funny how that happens, right?

  2. kiks — don’t think i’m weird or telling you what to do but theres this book called Whats Eating Your Child and theres a chapter on speech and coordination problems (bailey is really clumsy) that is super helpful. she recommends some supplements to help with it and i haven’t done all of them but i give bailey more dha now and she seems to be doing better — but she may just be outgrowing it, who knows. but anyway, i found the book super helpful! it explains a ton of kid issues and what foods could be causing it and which ones can help! and you are so pretty!

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