3 Gifts

A lot of people have referred to Baby J as our “miracle baby”. They are totally right, she is a miracle. But I think sometimes people don’t realize that it is equally miraculous that my other two children made it to us as well. I have three miracle babies. We didn’t plan on any of them coming to us when they did, we were completely surprised by all three, and saw miracles happen with each one to get them to our family.

Each of my children gave me a gift. I’m so thankful for each of these gifts:

Mischief gave me the gift of MOTHERHOOD

Lady gave me the gift of a DAUGHTER

Baby J gave me the gift of PREGNANCY
baby j pregnancy

baby j

All of them gave us the gift of JOY

3 kids


4 thoughts on “3 Gifts

  1. Love love love this post Kira. Each of your sweet children are gifts for sure. Miracle babies in their own way! 🙂 And that set of pictures of your progressing pregnancy is perfect! So incredible to see what you body did to get baby J here. ❤

  2. I LOVE this post as well. You can’t help but smile when reading it. All 3 of your children are miracles! Congratulations on your newest miracle. She is just beautiful!

  3. Oh my…all I read was the headline of each photo – each gift from each child. Seriously, Kira – you are one lucky lady! Good job for making me cry today. 🙂

  4. Sometimes people don’t think about what they are saying. When people haven’t gone through something similar to what you have experienced they just don’t realize that any child, whether they come to you from your uterus or from someone else’s, they are a miracle through and through. Every day I have people say the dumbest things to me and I just have to remind myself that they haven’t gone through what I have gone through. So they don’t think the way I do. I love all your miracles, and they are the perfect additions to your family.

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