Baby J’s Birth Story

Life has been hectic.  Having 3 kids 3 and under is somewhat nuts, but wonderful.  I am going to try to find a few moments during blessed nap times to write this all down because I don’t want to forget it.

Tuesday, January 29 I went in for my weekly doctor appointment.  I expected it to be quick, but my mom talked me into letting her come.  I knew I wasn’t dilating, so I thought I would be in and out.  But they found that my blood pressure was really high and that I had a high level of protein.  Both signs of preeclampsia.  My doctor came in and said they needed to induce me.  I cried and just felt overwhelmed by the news.  My doctor assured me that the baby would be just fine, I was 37 weeks (full term) on Thursday.  So my mom and I stayed at the hospital a couple of hours so they could monitor me and the baby.  Then we were told to go home, and to come back Wednesday night to start being induced.

It was actually kind of nice knowing when I would be going to have a baby.  I was able to get everything ready with plenty of time.  Hubby and I went to The Mandarin for dinner Wednesday night before heading to the hospital.  My belly barely fit in the booth and that gave me a good laugh as my last night being out and about with a big pregnant belly.  Dinner was so fun and helped calm our nerves a bit.

We got checked in to the hospital and Carly was our nurse.  I went to high school with her and cheered with her Sophomore year.  I was so happy she was our first nurse.  She took great care of me and it was fun to catch up with her on how life has been since High School for both of us.  They started me that night on a pill to help soften my cervix.  I didn’t sleep at all that night.  I was completely comfortable and in no pain, I was just so nervous and excited.  I wish I would have been able to force myself to sleep that night.

The next morning, I was making a little progress, but not much.  From here they did another procedure to help me make progress.  I’m not going to write about it on my blog.  But what they did made me start having contractions every minute.  They hurt really bad, and when I asked to start my epidural, I was told I had to wait a bit because the anesthesiologist was in a c-section.  I didn’t have to wait long, but an hour felt like an eternity!

I was nervous to get the epidural.  I told Hubby not to watch.  So we held hands and looked down together.  I was shaking I was so nervous!  But it didn’t hurt at all, and was nothing to be nervous about.  The rest of the time after that I was pretty comfortable!  Bless you epidurals!

My mom, dad, Hubby’s mom and step dad came to the hospital and hung out with us while we waited for me to progress.  At around 6 they got rid of the last thing they were doing to help me dilate, and gave me pitocin.  Soon after, my friend Rachel came.  She was heaven sent!  She took pictures of the delivery and was able to distract me from labor so much.  This is just one of the many reasons our baby’s middle name is Rachel.

At around 10 I started feeling contractions.  My epidural was in for that point almost 12 hours and I needed a higher dosage.  The anesthesiologist was once again in a c-section.  These contractions were painful, but not as bad as the last ones as I still had meds in me.  Then the bag ran out of medicine and I was scared it would start hurting worse.  Thank goodness I didn’t have to wait more than an hour to get my higher dosage.

Around 11 or so I started feeling some pressure and told my nurse.  They checked me and I was to a 10!  But they wanted me to rest and let her descend more before pushing.  The next 45 minutes were not pleasant.  That pressure was really intense.  Finally around midnight I told my nurse that I was pushing and not even trying to.  So everyone rushed in and sure enough, her head was really low.

In the room with me at this point was Hubby, my mom and Rachel.  They were such a great support and helped me through pushing.  Baby was born at 12:20 am, I was lucky I didn’t have to push for too long.  Pushing was the most exhausting thing I have ever done in my life though!

When I first saw her, I was amazed at the fact that something that big had just come out of me!  She is tiny, but she looked huge in that moment!  I loved her instantly and just started crying happy tears.  They put her up on my chest and I just cried and looked into her eyes.  I couldn’t believe that my body had done it, that I had carried a baby full term.  She was perfectly healthy, beautiful and I just loved her.

Hubby fell in love with her right away too and got to hold her after me.  It was so fun seeing him become a father again for the third time.  He was able to cut the cord (he did with Mischief too) and be there with me the whole time holding my numb, heavy leg while I pushed. 🙂  He likes to brag about what a good pusher I was, haha!  Love him.

This was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.  Each of my children’s births have been so amazing and such a spiritual experience.  I felt so close to Hubby and to my Heavenly Father during baby’s birth.  I am amazed that Hubby and I were able to create a life and bring her here safely.  I have so much more love and respect for my kids’ birth moms as well after this experience.  To go through all that pain, a 9 month long pregnancy, and to not get to take home your perfect baby… it was even more amazing to me after this experience.

We love our baby and are so happy she is here with us!  She is so sleepy it has made nursing an adventure to say the least.  I think I’m starting to get a hang of it though and have actually enjoyed it.  (Besides the times I’ve gotten so frustrated I yell at Hubby or the nurses.  Or just start to cry!  Haha!)

I’m feeling good!  I swear I could have run a marathon afterwards if it wasn’t for the dang stitches.  Man those are painful!  But it has almost been a week, and I’m feeling so much better.  I’m a little (0kay a lot) emotional and practically everything makes me cry.  Sometimes I cry in the shower just to be able to cry in private and get it all out.  I don’t even know why I’m crying half the time, it just feels good to let the emotions out!

So thankful for baby J.  Love her so much it hurts.  She is absolutely a gift to our family, straight from heaven.  I’m soaking in every minute of this newborn time.  I have never been so happy as to have my husband and three children.












2 thoughts on “Baby J’s Birth Story

  1. Kira I loved baby J’s birth story! Happy tears for you friend. 🙂 Loved that you guys went out to dinner the night before (cracked me up thinking about your cute belly barely fitting in the booth;)…if you want to leave G&A with us you guys can take J with you on a date while she’s still out for the count when she sleeps!…love that about newborns. 🙂

    Modern medicine is incredible!! I can only imagine how anxious and nerve racking it would be to suddenly be induced, but I’m so glad it went smoothly over all! LOVE that Mike is so proud and shares that you were an awesome pusher. 🙂 That’s the hardest part and you rocked it! And thinking about when J was put in your arms made me SO HAPPY (and baby hungry;). The photos Rachel took are beautiful to say the least! They captured such sweet moments…you’ll treasure then forever. Love you Kira and I’m so glad baby J is in your family!

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