Please Winter, Just END!

To say I’m sick of this winter would be a major understatement. The inversion has not been good for Mischief’s asthma, I worry about my big unbalanced body taking a fall on the ice, we’re stuck inside, and I worry about going into labor during a snow storm or even worse, an ice storm.
The more the kids are stuck in our house, the more they fight and the more I just want to pack up our car and go somewhere warm. I guess I didn’t realize how much we really do play outside during the nice months here. Parks, bikes, and walks every day. Just a few more months!

Here are some ideas I have come up with to pass the time with toddlers during “the armpit” months:
-Baking, a lot of baking.
-Play “talent show” where we take turns showing off our latest tricks and songs.
-Boondocks in Kaysville is awesome. $3 per kid to play in their kidland place. I go at 10 am when no one else is there to avoid kids coughing all over mine.
-Library visits. My kids love picking out books and movies. And it’s free which is nice.
-We watch a hefty amount of Netflix these days. Just bein real with ya.
-Play “restaraunt” with the kids. Lady has a kitchen and they make me lots of food.
-The kids take a long bath almost every day. Mischief gets in it and always says, “Aaaahhhhhh, this feels so nice!” They rarely fight in the tub.
-Making tents is always exciting to a toddler
-McDonalds and Carls Jr. Once again, I go early, like 9 am. The play place is clean then and we rarely ever have any other kids there. You will never catch me at McDonalds during lunch time! I feel like that is just asking for your kid to get the flu!
-And our favorite, play dates with friends at our house or theirs. There is nothing like having a conversation with a fellow adult sometimes!

And here are a couple pictures from our January:

Despite the bad weather, we have had fun together as a family:

Treehouse Museum

Treehouse Museum

Hubby had the day off last Monday for MLKJ day.  We went up to Ogden to the Treehouse Museum and had so much fun!  There is so much to do there and the kids love it!  It was fun to take daddy there this time!

Mischief loves the snow.  A couple weeks ago, we had the HUGE storm and the snow was so high that it almost went up to Mischief’s shoulders.  My dad was my hero and came and cleared our driveway.  Mischief had so much fun helping him:

jan 28a

And here I am at 36 weeks.  Almost there!:

36 Weeks

36 Weeks

Physical: 30 girl push ups

Spiritual: “Be Anxiously Engaged” by M. Russell Ballard

This was a great talk comparing ourselves to honey bees.  We may feel that the service we give is small and insignificant, but when put together, it is a big deal and essential.  It made me do a little self check at what I’m doing to serve others and lighten other people’s loads.  I feel like I do okay in this area, but I for sure need to look for more ways to help others out.


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