“What’s Mine is Yours”

I really enjoy following an adoption blog called  “The R House” because there are always uplifting messages about things that are close to my heart.  Recently, she posted this music video:

I thought it was such a beautiful song.  I’ve had too many loved ones lose a baby before they were able to even hold them.  My best friend recently had a miscarriage pretty far along into her pregnancy, and my heart has been broken over the last couple weeks for her.  During one of the times we were talking, she said, “A lot of people have had miscarriages, so I feel stupid for being so sad over it.” I know that miscarriages have unfortunately happened to a lot of people, but that doesn’t make it any less hard or personal when it happens to you.  This song talks about the heartbreak that comes from such a loss as miscarriage or stillbirth.

Then the song talks about adoption.  I love when people realize that when a woman places her child for adoption, it is not because she doesn’t want the baby.  This song shows so well some of the feelings I saw in my children’s sweet birthmoms.  I like how this song talks about how placing a baby takes courage and bravery.  I can still remember perfectly the days that my kids birth moms signed the papers.  Mischief’s birthmom didn’t shed a tear, she wouldn’t let herself.  I know she saved those tears for home.  And when Lady’s birthmom signed, there wasn’t a dry eye in the room.  She kept looking at Lady in between signing papers so she could remember why she was making such a hard decision.  Hubby and I still talk about how hard that day was.  Watching her get in the car with her mom to go home without a baby, while we had Lady in our car headed to our home full of excited family.  This is why I’m sensitive to comments like, “How could someone just not care enough about their baby to want to keep them?”  I guess some people just don’t get it, and never will.

Lady soon after she was born

Mischief and me when he was just 2 days old

Mischief and me when he was just 2 days old

Spiritual: “Becoming Goodly Parents” by Elder L. Tom Perry

I love the letter that he reads in this talk that he wrote to his mom so many years ago.

I also loved these points he made about how to create a stronger family:

1. Pray earnestly for help

2. Family prayer, scripture study, FHE, family dinners.

3. Be involved with the church’s support system.  Talk to teachers and leaders.

4. Share your testimony with your children.

5. Have clear family rules and expectations.

Physical: Nothing today.  My pulled muscle has come back and is not making me a happy camper.  Hopefully it goes away again soon.  It usually happens right before I grow a ton.  So basically, I’m going to be huge by next week I have a feeling.


3 thoughts on ““What’s Mine is Yours”

  1. I’ve got to tell you, since you shared it on Facebook, I’ve probably listened to it 20 times…I just hit replay over and over again. 🙂 SUCH. Touching song. Definitely has me counting my blessings, and makes me feel my heavenly father’s love for me…and those who have experienced loss and infertility. And then makes me so happy for friends like you who have been blessed by adoption! I’m sorry about your friend and her recent miscarriage…you are so right, every loss is heart breaking, and everyone should be validated in their grief.

    LOVE the photos of fresh Avery and Grant. Even though you’ve told me before, I got the best goosebumps reading about their different stories. Love them. And love you. 🙂

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