34 Weeks & Holding STRONG!

Lady and me showing off our bellies

Lady and me showing off our bellies

I’m 34 weeks along into pregnancy and my little uterus is stretching like a champ! The midwife said she thinks that it must be shaped skinny, but long, which is just fine with me!

Baby “J” (yep, there is a clue to her name, which pretty much everyone knows at this point thanks to Mischief) is pretty much all on my left side. Which makes sense, as I have a left unicornuate uterus. The big exciting news from my doctor appointment this week is that baby is HEAD DOWN! If she stays this way, which she more than likely will, I most likely won’t need a c-section!

Here is a picture of the back of little girl’s head. She has lots of hair!:

Jan 10a

I’m feeling good, but getting uncomfortable.  I feel HUGE and can’t believe that since she is estimated to weigh around 4 lbs 9 oz right now, that she will still grow so much more… which means I will too!  I was walking past a mirror yesterday and had to stop and do a double take of myself.  I just thought, “How is my body doing this?!  How does any woman’s body do this?”  It is pretty amazing if you think about it.  I have a few things that are just causing me some pain, but if I lay down, it seems to get better.

I’m so excited for the next couple months.  I got my car seat this week and it made me so excited to put a little girl in it soon!  And I have a baby shower next week that I’m so excited about!  My amazing friend Haley is throwing me one, and I’m so thankful for her and her hard work putting it together.  I’m thankful for my awesome family and friends for telling me how excited they are to come.  I feel really loved and lucky.

How cute are these invites?

How cute are these invites? I couldn’t figure out how to rotate it though 🙂

Everyone keeps asking how long my doctor thinks I will be able to go.  I’ve asked her the same thing every appointment.  There is no way to know, apparently.  Right now everything looks great.  My cervix is still long, and I’m not having any contractions.  I’m betting I make it all the way to 40 weeks and will be begging my doctor to put me into labor!

I feel so lucky to have made it this far, and that it looks like I’ll make it way farther.  When I was getting my ultrasound this week, I couldn’t help but think of myself 4 1/2 years ago getting an MRI hoping and praying that everything would look fine.  I was hoping that Hubby and I weren’t getting pregnant because of scar tissue from my kidney surgery I had as a baby.

I remember being at work in late May 2008 and getting “the call” from my fertility doctor.  I was so excited to hear what she had to say, and where we go from here.  I was thinking it would be an easy fix.  She was not my favorite person, she was so insensitive.  I remember her saying,

“Well, we got your MRI results.  Looks like you have a uterine anomaly called a unicornuate uterus.  Really rare.  You may have some fibroids on your uterus too.  You don’t have a right fallopian tube or ovary either.”

Me: “Um… so what does that mean?  My uterus is a unicorn?…”

Her: Sighs impatiently “Most uterus’ have two horns, yours has one, on the left side, so it is called unicornuate.  It makes your chances of getting pregnant pretty low.  So I suggest adoption or IVF.”

Me: “Well, can I come in and get that test done still we talked about to see if my tubes, er… tube I guess, is open?”

Her: Annoyed, obviously. “Yes, but I don’t see much reason for it at this point.  I’ll put in the order for it, I won’t be able to help you with that until August though.”

Me: “Okay… thanks.”

That day at work sucked.  I looked up a ton of info online about my condition.  Not much of it was looking positive.

In August I went in for the HSG test where I asked her more questions.  That is when she told me that she has to be responsible for the children she helps bring into this world, and it would be irresponsible for me to get pregnant, as I would most likely have a really premature baby.  But if I wanted to pay the money to do IVF, she would be willing to help me.  What the crap?  That’s when I changed to another doctor who was so much more sensitive, helpful and positive.  Things still didn’t work out there, we tried clomid, AI, and surgery.  When I came out of surgery Dec 08, I knew adoption was right and so did Hubby.

Here I am January 2013 with a big baby in my stomach, holding strong.  I am no longer anxious about preterm labor, and the nightmares of this doctor from the past have stopped completely.  I remember feeling so sad, so out of control, so angry at my uterus and discouraged during those appointments.  Now I go to appointments and leave feeling proud of my little uterus for being so stretchy, happy that I’ve made it so far, and excited for the future.  I’m on a yahoo groups for women with my same type of condition, and it has been really uplifting to see that many of them have also made it to 35+ weeks as well, despite what doctors told them too.

I’m still so happy that I didn’t get pregnant years ago.  Mischief and Lady coming to our family the way they did was so meant to be, and the most amazing experiences of our lives.  I’m happy that I get to experience pregnancy now, and able to appreciate it so much more than I would have otherwise.

6 weeks to go!!!

Spiritual: “Of Regrets and Resolutions” by President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

I love Pres. Uchtdorf.  I love his accent, and all his talks!  This one is a great one, I highly suggest reading it.  He talked about the things people say they wish they would have done during their lives when they are close to death.  This includes: “I wish I had spent more time with the people I love, I wish I had lived up to my potential, I wish I had let myself be happier.”

And my favorite quote from this talk, “It is my testimony that many of the deepest regrets of tomorrow can be prevented by following the Savior today.”

Physical: Calf Raises


11 thoughts on “34 Weeks & Holding STRONG!

    • I have a doctor, and then I also see a midwife whenever I go in as well. My doctor will be delivering me, I don’t know if the midwife will be there or not actually. I should ask that.

  1. That woman doctor should leave the profession. How horrible to treat a patient that way. Especially when its about such an emotional thing. I am so proud of you and your unicorn uterus! 🙂 And I’m so proud of Baby J for growing healthy and strong. I think President’s Day is a good day to have a baby. Do you think you could make it til then? I have the day off 🙂 Love you Kira!

  2. Kira! This post made me so happy! I know I don’t even know you that well (though I feel like I do :)) haha, but I am just overjoyed for you. I love when doctors are wrong in cases like yours (maybe that’s not very nice to say, but I like it when it’s better for the patient that they are wrong!) I’m so excited for you to have defied the odds and made such a healthy girl!! xo

  3. I’m proud of your uterus too! Ha ha! You’re so cute! You look great – you’re not fat at all! No fair 🙂 so excited for you pretty! And I so wish I could come to your shower!

  4. If only I lived closer and could get little Mischief to tell me her name.. 🙂 Just kidding. I will have to come see you in real life. I can’t wait for this little girl to get here! You are BEAUTIFUL and I love your pregnancy updates.

  5. Oh that first picture is perfection. 🙂 You are beautiful Kira, and that baby belly just enhances it. 🙂 And Avery showing her tiny tummy is too cute!! That last stretch is definitely no comfortable, but I’m glad you’re finding way to get relief.

    Can’t wait to meet Miss J and see all that hair! I’m sure it’ll be dark liker her mama’s 🙂

    And goodness it breaks my heart you had to deal with that doctor years ago…but heck yes that you and your super-unicorn unterus showed her!! 😉 You’re in our prayers that she’ll keep growing healthy and come when she’s ready. xoxo

    And I love knowing you’re excited for the shower! I’m honored to throw it for you…can’t wait to celebrate!

  6. Hi I came upon your posts from Life is Sweet by Haley. I’m glad you’ve shared your experiences and that you’ve found a supportive midwife. Best wishes to you and your family.

  7. hi! I’m glad to see a succes history on unicornuate uterus! I was googling unicornuate uterus testimony and came across this post!! I am TTC for over a year now and I’m getting a little worried and scared about my unicornuate! thank you for giving me hope! anyway you could guide me or advice me I would really apreciate it. You know better than it is a very rare condition and don’t have many people around here to share their stories so any info you could tell me would help tons! did you got IVF? or clomide? or whow did you make it? praying to God to bless us with an angel! thankyou!!

    • Hey,
      I’m glad you found me! There is a yahoo group called “unicornuate uterus sisterhood” that was so helpful for me! There are other women out there who are in our shoes too! It is super rare, but not as rare as I thought. I found out about my uterus in 2008. We tried clomid but it was not helpful as I was ovulating fine on my own. We also tried artificial insemination, but that was not helpful either. I had surgery to see if I had endometriosis, but I didn’t. We didn’t feel good about IVF because we didn’t want to miscarry or it not work and loose all that money. Or get pregnant with twins as my doctor said my uterus was so small. Although I know of a woman with a UU who did successfully have twins. Now days I think you can get IVF with a money back guarantee. We felt adoption was right for us. We were so lucky and were able to adopt a baby boy, and 10 months later his birth mother’s best friend was pregnant and chose to place her baby with us too. So we now have a almost 5 year old, almost 4 year old, and an 18 month old girl. Finding out I was pregnant was a complete shock. We had started trying to get pregnant summer 2007. Around 2009 we were adopting and stopped fertility treatments, but I never went on birth control. I found out I was pregnant summer 2012. I don’t know what it is about the UU that makes it hard for some to conceive. Some people with a UU get pregnant easily and others don’t. It took us 5 years. My pregnancy was super uneventful! I delivered at 37 weeks because I was preeclamptic. My uterus and cervix held up great! When you have a UU, you almost always have to have a c section because babies are usually breech. J was head down so delivery was easy. Make sure when you get pregnant that you see a high risk doctor who has had a patient with a UU before. Around 26 weeks I was getting ultrasounds every 2 weeks to check my cervix. To make sure it wasn’t thinning. Good luck to you friend! It’s a hard time waiting to get pregnant, I remember those feelings. I actually write for adoption.com and my article about my feelings about trying to get pregnant was just published if you want to read it: http://adoption.com/infertile-me It will work out. Find a doctor who is supportive! My first fertility doctor was a jerk! Find another one if you’re not comfortable. God bless.

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