Mischief Says…



-Hubby walked into Mischief’s room one night after Mischief should have been asleep to check on him.  Mischief was sitting up in his bed staring at something.  Hubby said, “What are you doing?” and he said, “Just looking at my pig.”  It happened again the next night!  We don’t know why he likes to sit in bed staring at his piggy bank!

-He copies anything I say.  I was exhausted and sat down on the couch.  I said, “What a day!” and Mischief lets out a big sigh, sits next to me and says, “What a day!” too.

-He says prayers by himself now, or at least the beginning of prayers.  “Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for this day.  Thank you for our family.  Thank you for the food.  Ummmm….” then I help him with the rest, but he also knows how to close the prayer all by himself.  After he says amen, he says, “I made Jesus happy!”

-When I go to doctor appointments, Mischief gets excited cause he thinks I’m having the baby.  He says, “You bring my baby home to me?  I hold her and change her bum!”  Then he gets sad when I tell him not today.

-We picked up Hubby for lunch one day.  When we dropped him back off at work he gave us all a kiss.  Mischief then says, while watching him walk into work,

“Daddy kissed me!  Daddy kissed mommy?”

Me: “Yes”

Mischief: “Daddy kiss Avey?”

Me: “Yes.”

Mischief: Sighs and says, “Yeah, he’s a pretty nice guy.”

-“Give me some more fancy drink!” (Talking about sparkling cider)

– He will tell Hubby, “I haven’t had my Christmas chocolate today” (Advent calendar) so Hubby will give him one.  Then a while later he comes to me, “I haven’t had my Christmas chocolate today”  Very sneaky.

– “Look at the Christmas lights!  They’re beautiful!”

-Me: “Who is your best friend?”

Mischief: “Avey!”

Me: “Oh, that’s so nice!”

Mischief: Sits for a minute then says, “No, pig is my best friend.”  What the heck is with him and this piggy bank lately?!

-I made spiral mac & cheese for lunch yesterday. I asked Mischief if he wanted some spirals and he said, “Yeah, I want some spider rolls!” Now he calls mac and cheese spider rolls.

-He sings “Once there was a Snowman” like this: “Once there was a snowman. Small, small small. In the sun he melted! Ta da!”

– He loves saying “sure” to everything.

– “I go to school at Rachel’s” He is so excited for preschool, but he doesn’t start until September!

-After he drinks or eats something, he will often say, “Ohhhh! I feel all better now!”

Physical: Nothing. My body hurts.

Spiritual: “Ask the Missionaries! They can help you!” by Elder Russell M. Nelson

This is a good talk to read if you want to know more about missionary work in our church, and how the missionaries can help you out. I really enjoyed reading this talk.


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