Hubby and I agree that this was our favorite Christmas since our first Christmas married.  Having kids at Christmas is just so fun, it brings back the excitement I felt as a kid.

The Sunday before Christmas, the kids wore their Christmas best to church.  Thank you to Hubby’s parents for these darling outfits:

Dec 27 Dec 27a

I was so happy that Hubby didn’t have to work on Christmas Eve.  We headed up to his parent’s house just before the storm hit in the early afternoon.  We spent the day relaxing, playing and eating way too much.  The kids were spoiled by their grandparents and love all the toys they got.  Mischief especially loves his motorized Mator car.  It was a really fun night!

Dec 27b

When Hubby and I got home, we put the kids to bed and wrapped all their presents to put under the tree.  We listened to Christmas music and talked about how fun the morning would be.


The next morning was so fun!  Mischief woke up at 8:00 am, which was great, he usually is up by 7.  He was so excited to see if Santa came.  I told him, “I heard reindeer on the roof last night!” and that just blew his mind apparently.  He tells everyone he sees now that “Mommy hear reindeer on the roof!!!”  I have it on video, but can’t figure out how to upload it to the blog from my phone.  I’ll work on that.  We woke Lady up (mistake) and opened presents and ate yummy cinnamon rolls for breakfast (thank you Haley!)

The kids playing with some of their gifts:

Dec 27c

Santa brought Hubby his favorite drink from Germany, a new pair of pants, a new pair of shoes for work, a Snickers bar and a calendar for work.  Santa brought me Taylor Swift’s new CD “Red”, perfume, a shirt to work out in this spring, and some makeup.  We both felt pretty spoiled.

Later that afternoon, we headed over to my parent’s house.  We opened more presents and relaxed and played all day.  We of course ate way too much this day as well.

Lady is in love with her new kitchen:

Dec 27d

Mischief loves his robot.  Here he is telling Lady that the robot is not scary.  Lady is still a little nervous around it!

dec 27f

Snuggling grandma and papa while watching a movie:

dec 27e


It was a perfect Christmas.  I’m so happy we live near both of our families and are able to enjoy the holidays with both of them.

The day after Christmas was fun too.  I had a doctor appointment early, and it went really well.  Baby is doing great, and I get an ultrasound in 2 weeks.  I got home just in time for the snow storm to really start.  We stayed inside all day playing with toys and watching movies as a family.  I’m so happy Hubby took this day off.  That night after we put the kids to bed, Hubby and I popped some popcorn, played games and watched a movie.  It is so nice to sit in our nice warm home looking out at the cold snow.  We got dumped on!

I can’t wait to have three kids at Christmas next year!  Life is good.


4 thoughts on “Christmas

  1. Sounds like a great Christmas! From Sunday in their adorable cloths, to spending time with both yours and Mike’s families…so fun. 🙂 And I have to admit I laughed a little bit to myself when I read that you got Avery up before she woke up herself and you said it was a “mistake” heehee 😉 Totally been there with Brooks! And I’m so glad you enjoyed the cinnamon rolls!

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