Third Trimester

I go in tomorrow for an ultrasound. I’m so excited to see baby girl! I can’t believe I’m in my 3rd trimester and only have a couple months left of pregnancy.

I dreamt the other night that I had the baby (been having nightmares about childbirth, ugh) and I remember feeling sad in the dream that I didn’t get to feel her inside of me anymore. I think this is something I really am going to miss. Watching my stomach dance and feeling her little body. This has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I’m so nervous about so many things, but I’m not nervous about meeting her and being able to take her home and have her meet her amazing older siblings.

I thought I would write down a little breakdown of my trimesters to remember just for fun, or for if I am lucky enough to do this again someday:

1st Trimester:
*I felt SO tired all the time. I took naps with the kids every day. Two hour naps, and then went to bed by 9:30.
*Felt yucky, but not that bad. I’m so lucky I didn’t get sick like my mom did with her pregnancies! I only puked 3 times the first trimester. I mostly just felt gross at night, and if I didn’t have food in me. This is probably why I gained the most weight in my first trimester. A whopping 17 pounds!!! I ate every 1 1/2 to 2 hours! If I didn’t, I felt like passing out or throwing up.
*I craved meatball sandwiches pretty early on. I loved Moochies the most, but I would settle for Subway as well. The nasty meatball sandwiches there, and I would ask for white bread, mayo and olives on it. Still kind of sounds good to be honest.
*I started feeling a little sick around 7 weeks.

2nd Trimester:
*Found out baby is a GIRL!
*Couldn’t eat chicken anymore
*Didn’t feel sick anymore. Except for twice when I puked. One time I threw up lasagna at night when Hubby was at Young Mens. I heard Mischief knock on his door and assumed I woke him up with my loud puking. When I went into his room, there was poop everywhere. What are the chances of that happening right after I throw up, and when Hubby isn’t home. It was disgusting!
*Really bad pulled muscle in my left side around 16 weeks. It took 2 weeks to go away.
*Other muscular pain started around 24 weeks, mostly at night.
*I started to show around 18 weeks, but I really popped at 20.
*I felt the baby move for the first time while in California on vacation. I was 17 weeks. Felt like gas, but I knew it wasn’t.
*Belly button started to come out a bit. And I got that lovely brown line down my stomach around 24 weeks.
*She started really going nuts kicking and moving around 23 weeks. It made me cry and cry happy tears.
*Realized that it wasn’t just my stomach getting bigger when I tried on a stretchy skirt that was a little big for me before pregnancy, and I couldn’t get it over my butt. That made me cry too, haha!
*Figured out her name for sure!

3rd Trimester:
*I’m getting tired again. Not as tired as the first trimester, but still pretty tired.
*I’m lazy. I try to take the kids out once a day to do something to get us out of the house (even if that means walking around Costco) and lately we have been inside A LOT. The thought of scraping snow off the car and getting two toddlers in and out of the car exhausts me just thinking about it.
*I get winded doing simple things. Like going up stairs. I’m happy to say, I can still run up them though.
*I can feel her a lot now. Her feet, bum, head. Even though I’m not always sure what is what.
*I’m very anxious about birthing this baby. I’m nervous and excited.
*I’m nesting. I have my bag packed just in case.
*I feel confident that I will make it really far into pregnancy now. Maybe even 40 weeks! I just feel like I’m going to make it!
*I’m emotional. Like more so than usual. And maybe even overly sensitive. Hubby can tell you all about that!
*I’m just waiting for the stretch marks to appear. I know they will soon.
*I’m sad that pregnancy is almost over, but more excited to meet this sweet girl soon!

Becoming a mother is a miracle. Whether it is the first, second, third, etc time. And no matter how they come, it is equally miraculous and wonderful.


One thought on “Third Trimester

  1. Oh I had fun reading about the details of your pregnancy! You’ve definitely endured the not-so-fun parts (constant cravings and darn hips spreading;) but I love your optimistic attitude about it. I can tell you’ve cherished every moment! You’ll love looking back on this…and so will your little girl. 🙂 Can’t believe she’s almost here!

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