The Armpit

I have said it many times, but I feel like January – March is the armpit of the year.  No holidays and yucky weather.  The one good thing about these months is that it is Hubby’s birthday in February.  Now we will have 2 things to look forward to, as our baby is due in the armpit!  Hubby would argue that the Super Bowl is another plus to the armpit, I disagree.

Anyway, I always try to soak up December because it is the last good month before the armpit.

I feel in the Christmas mood so far because we went to The Forgotten Carols, put up our tree, have been watching Christmas movies, listening to Christmas music, and my favorite: looking at Christmas lights.  This is also Lady’s favorite.  I know this because anytime we drive at night now, she points out the windows the whole time saying, “WOW!”

This week has been busy:

Saturday we headed over to the park so Mischief could have some time to use his new skateboard from his birthday.  My kids are so lucky to have such a fun and active Papa who loves to play with them.

dec 6b Dec 6a

Lady was exhausted at church this week.  So she only lasted in nursery 10 minutes.  She ended up falling asleep in my arms like a baby.

Dec 6

Sunday night we went to Jan and Spencer’s home (Hubby’s sister) for dinner.  Jan made us a super yummy meal and it was so good to catch up with them and see their cute place all decorated for Christmas.  Our kids were obsessed with Spencer.  They both wanted to play with him the whole time, and Lady even snuggled him.  After we left, Mischief wouldn’t stop talking about Uncle Spencer.  How he says his name is darling.

dec 6f

Monday was Mischief’s first visit to the dentist.  He loved it!  They taught him about “sugar bugs” that get in your teeth.  He is all about brushing his teeth now to get rid of the sugar bugs.  They taught him how to brush and floss on an alligator.  When we left, he ran down the hall yelling to my brother, “Brent!  Brent!  My teeth are clean!!!”  He has asked every day since if we can go back.

dec 6c dec 6d

I watched this little cutie yesterday!  Oh how I love baby “E”!  She smells like heaven, smiles when I kiss her neck and ears, and lets out the best burps I’ve ever heard from a baby!  I can’t wait for her and my baby to be bffs!  Oh, and I dressed her in this super cute and sassy outfit.  She is the best dressed baby on the block, that’s for sure!

dec 6e

Tuesday I headed into the hospital because I hadn’t felt baby girl move in almost 24 hours, among other issues I was having.  Thank goodness she is just fine.  And since then, she has been moving like crazy again.  Last night, Hubby was able to feel her foot.  He said, “I feel her foot!  It is so tiny!”  She was going nuts!  The fluid around the baby is kind of high.  So instead of waiting 2 more weeks to go in for just an appointment, my doctor wants me in next week for an ultrasound to check the fluid.  Bad side is having to go to the dr earlier than expected, good part is the ultrasound!  Get to see my baby girl again Tuesday!  I’m so happy she is safe.  Pregnancy can be emotional and scary sometimes I have found.

Random, but here is a picture of Mischief’s toes.  Oh my gosh I love them.

dec 6g

Mischief’s birth mother had a baby in October.  She is darling!  I got to hold her and snuggle with her a bit.  She is so cute, but looks nothing like Mischief.  Well, Mischief’s birth father’s wife had a baby yesterday.  He sent me a picture of her and she does look like Mischief.  I am excited to see her in real life and see if she reminds me of Mischief as a baby.  I’m happy for them that they get to experience being parents.

It’s been a good week, and a good December so far.  I’m looking forward to a lot more fun this month!


3 thoughts on “The Armpit

  1. For a moment, I thought you were going to talk about your armpits in this post…….are they hairy? 😉 Jan-Mar is definitely the armpit of the year. I am not looking forward to it. And there is always so much sickness in those months. Hope my Emma makes it through without anything serious. You have definitely been busy! Thank you so much for watching my Em! She loves you!

  2. You’re so right about the armpit- It’s awful! But I really miss winter at this time of year! Your kids are so cute and I can’t wait to see your new baby girl! I’m glad everything is going well! Miss you pretty!

  3. Adam calls Junior High the armpit of life…just a little side note. 😉

    Looks like you’ve been definitely soaking up December and all that comes with Christmas time! 🙂 Your dad rocks. And “sugar bugs”…love it! Hope Brooks follows in Grant’s example at the dentist!

    I think I have just the thing to cheer up January for ya…next time we get together we’ll discuss it. 🙂 And cheers for baby coming and joining Mike in the armpit for their birthdays! 😉

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